Thomas Meinzer

Head of Analysis UM, NDT Global, Germany

Thomas Meinzer is a Head of GMI Data Analysis and UT ILI specialist at NDT Global who is responsible for best quality services for all different kind of application scenarios related to compression wave data analysis projects globally.

Background of Thomas is electrical engineering.

After spending almost three decades in the UT ILI business with main focus on corrosion detection, Thomas knows exactly how to serve and advise pipeline operators best in various types of corrosion challenges.

16.50 - 17.10 CET

Virtual Pipeline Summit 15 Dec

Bi-Di High-Resolution Wall Thickness Inspection of a Subsea Flexible Riser Pipeline – Case Study

An North Sea operator required inspection of a subsea line critical to the company’s business. The pipeline system is transporting gas and condensate form a template to a platform. The Flexible Riser with a diameter of 10" and a total length of 720 m as well as its End Fittings were intended to be inspected in order to be able to assess the conditions of both critical parts of the asset.

The flexible raiser starting at a platform, going to the seabed on 322 meters depth is connected by its end fittings to a 6,5 km 10" subsea pipeline which ends in a template. Due to the system layout the inspection had to be done by a BiDi tool.

Since the Flexible Raiser and its End Fittings had never been inspected before and in order to obtain reliable evidence on the condition of this critical pipeline section, the requested ILI solution had to be capable to perform a high resolution measurement of the pitch between the carcasses in the raisers whole length and the critical end couplings as well as the End Fitting positions.

After careful evaluation of its options for inspecting the line, the operator chose NDT Global’s tailored Evo Series 1.0 UG ultrasonic geometry and wall thickness inspection tool. This tool equipped with two UG modules offers unsurpassed axial resolution of 0.75 mm, and circumferential resolution of 6.2 mm and is capable to run in dual directions