VPS 7 Decarbonization of the Pipeline Industry

The Unique Online Summit for Pipeline Operators and Service & Technology Providers

7th Virtual Pipeline Summit

The Virtual Pipeline Summit (VPS) series of online events was established in 2020 and offers extended knowledge transfer and networking features.

Over the past 2 years, the summits have covered a wide range of important issues for the pipeline industry. In addition to digital transformation, leak detection, illegal tapping, difficult to inspect pipelines and offshore challenges the focus on decarbonization has been of particular interest.

VPS 7 is already the second VPS on the focus decarbonization and it will again provide a comprehensive overview and competitive technology showcase of a spectrum of problems and solutions related to the "Decarbonization of the Pipeline Industry".

Virtual Pipeline Summit Live Panel Discucssion

The Virtual Pipeline Summit is organized by EITEP Institute, organizer of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) and publisher of the Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj).

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Past VPS

  • 1st Virtual Pipeline Summit "Digital Transformation in the Pipeline Industry", 30 June 2020 (presentations)
  • 2nd Virtual Pipeline Summit "Leak Detection and Third-Party Impact Prevention", 7 October 2020 (presentations)
  • 3rd Virtual Pipeline Summit "Advances in the Inspection of Challenging Pipelines", 9 December 2020 (presentations)
  • 4th Virtual Pipeline Summit "Decarbonization of the Pipeline Industry", 1 July 2021 (presentations)
  • 5th Virtual Pipeline Summit "Digital Transformation in the Pipeline Industry", 15 September 2021 (Presentations)
  • 6th Virtual Pipeline Summit "Offshore Pipeline Technologies", 15 December 2021 (Presentations)
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