Richard Sharvin

ILI Sales Manager - Benelux, Iberia & Scandinavia, Baker Hughes PPS, The Netherlands

Richard Sharvin is the ILI (In-Line Inspection) Sales Manager for Benelux, Iberia & Scandinavia at Baker Hughes Process & Pipeline Services (PPS), based in Son, the Netherlands.  Richard originally joined the Baker Hughes PPS team as an ILI Field Specialist in 2012 before moving to the Sales department in 2017.

17.30 - 17.50 CET

Virtual Pipeline Summit 9 Dec

Inspection of a Challenging Offshore Pipeline

Often the main focus of inline inspection (ILI) is the inspection vehicle itself; however, the ultimate goal of any ILI operation is reliable and accurate data. This end goal can be challenged by the operational variables that many inspection companies are faced with, for example: line conditions; geographical complexities; changes in pipeline construction.

This paper explores the main factors that contribute to delivering the reliable and accurate inspection reports which pipeline operators demand whilst overcoming complex challenges and several coexisting, non-standard conditions.

A case study will be used focusing on a unique project, running an inspection vehicle from a subsea pipeline launcher/receiver (PLR) to a remote oil and gas production platform.  This is particularly valuable for operators of remote offshore pipelines with subsea launch and receive traps, where utilising ILI technology may not have previously been considered possible.