Rene Landstorfer

Operations Manager, GOTTSBERG Leak Detection, Germany

Rene Landstorfer studied Automotive Engineering at HAW Hamburg and has been working for several companies in the automotive industry like L’Orange or Knorr Bremse.  During his studies he gained first experiences in the Inspection of pipelines with some internship at GOTTSBERG Leak Detection. Since 2010 he is working there with first employments in the R&D Department responsible for the engineering of carriers and as ATEX representative. He then moved to operations management responsible for foreign projects and business development.

16.10 - 16.25 CET

Virtual Pipeline Summit 7 Oct

Detecting illegal tappings – a research case study

Operations Manager, Gottsberg Leak Detection, Germany


Illegal hot tapping and product theft is a problem for pipeline operators all over the world.

As criminals use a wide range of different installations and are in many cases able to adopt their ways of siphoning and stealing to the pipeline conditions a research project had been started by GLD, together with another service company and two pipeline operators.

The aim was to simulate different siphoning possibilities along a line. Some of which had been copied from real ones detected at real theft locations and some had been set up by the operators in a way to avoid being detected.

They all had different set ups and the leak detection personal was not aware of locations and what kind of leaks had been prepared.

As in most cases hoses are attached to the hot tapping spot, some of the prepared leaks had them connected as well. Different length and diameters of the hoses had been used and also different valves at the outlets. The amount of siphoned medium was changing from location to location.

The presentation will cover the test set ups as well as the results of the leak detection run. It will show different leak signatures in the data related to the several test settings and gives an outlook on the abilities of the system.