Marco Marino

Director & Business Development Manager, SolAres, Italy

Eng. Marco Marino (1984), MBA, Business Development Manager and Director (CEO) of SolAres S.r.l., company which is official licensee and supplier of e-vpms®: Eni's innovative technology for Pipeline Leak Detection and Integrity Monitoring. Experienced Management professional with a demonstrated history of working in the industry over the last 15 years. Executive Master of Business Administration focused in Business Administration and Management, from MIP-Politecnico Di Milano, also former Research Student at Tokyo Institute of Technology and MSc in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Gained expertise working on Aerospace and Defense and joined the Oil & Gas industry in 2013 with the role of Project Manager in Aresys S.r.l..

16.40 - 16.55 CEST

Virtual Pipeline Summit 7 Oct

A versatile technology for Leak Detection, Third Party Interference and Integrity Assessment applications: Vibroacoustic

Director & Business Development Manager, SolAres, Italy


The vibroacoustic technology, developed by Eni SpA as a method to detect impacts and leakage on Oil and Gas pipelines, already proved to be able to detect illegal tapping precursor events, and recently also proved to be capable of performing tasks related to pipeline integrity assessment, usually covered by other systems or methods.
The goal of this work is to present an additional capability offered by the very same technology: Third Party Interference (also, Third Party Impact) detection and prevention.
By modulating, in the system design phase, the basic parameters of the deployment schema – the most important being the distance between sensing stations – the technology allows to detect activities like manual digging nearby the pipeline, with a different information level with respect to the leak detection capability.
The system, in its fullest deployment configuration, would thus be able to detect a wide spectrum of phenomena, going from manual digging on top of the pipeline, to the leak itself, passing by the detection of what are defined as precursors events: actions made during the illegal tapping preparation activities.
While illegal tapping was historically, and for urgency reasons, the main goal reached by technological development over the last decade, nowadays Third Party Impact detection and localization is one of the main focuses of the vibroacoustic technology, for every kind of transported product, from gas to oil and derivatives.
Moreover, the platform is also still usable – and used – for the daily management of pipelines worldwide, including by default functionalities and services as PIG Tracking, Failure Detection and much more.