David Gower

Principal Gas Industry Consultant, DNV GL – Digital Solutions, United Kingdom

David Gower has over 30 years extensive experience in gas network operations, construction, modelling, analysis and planning of gas infrastructure.

Until 1999 David worked within British Gas/Transco (the gas pipeline transportation company in the UK) carrying out network operations, construction, modelling and system planning activities on a range of pressure systems. David has provided consultancy services for gas distribution companies to review their network design and planning strategies and processes. He has been involved in the development of network analysis and planning policies and procedures for the effective management of networks and the support of R&D projects. David has experience in the transient analysis of transmission systems in the UK and different parts of the world.  David has extensive experience in training in the principles of planning and the use of planning and analysis tools at all pressure levels.

As a Technical Lead in research projects within DNV GL David has worked with customers to identify, lead and deliver significant research projects.

16.30 - 16.50 CEST

Virtual Pipeline Summit 30 Jun

Real-Time Networks: Gas Data, Demand and Network Modelling

Principal Gas Industry Consultant, DNV GL – Digital Solutions, United Kingdom


Smart metering has provided a significant source of data in the move to digitalisation of the gas industry.  But how is that data best used to provide bottom up modelling of gas systems?


The Real-Time Networks project is an OFGEM sponsored project carried out by DNV GL as a partner with the UK gas distribution network SGN.  The 4 year project, 2016-20, is now drawing to a close.  At the heart of the project is the development of new methodologies for consumer demand modelling that are able to replace the current and outdated approaches typically used in the UK gas distribution companies.  Whilst the prime purpose of the project is to develop a model for the south east area of the UK that may be scaled to meet UK requirements for gas demand modelling, the principles developed are appropriate for any context internationally, where appropriate data is available.


The presentation will explore the approach to consumer demand modelling developed, the different ways in which that demand modelling methodology may be applied, and how smart meter data may be used going forward to scale up the developments to application in any setting.